Infinite Walk
with Umakant

A blog to explore the adventures of life.

Name: Umakant Jani
Companies: Founder of Elysiais, and Lead Designer at Pivotis
Dream: Creating a platform which will allow everyone to have equal access to finance.
Technologies involved: AI, Machine Learning, Deep learning & Blockchain
Inspired by: Act of kindness and social change
Goto book: The Alchemist
Favorite quote: “It’s the courage to continue that counts”
Living in New York City
Best way to reach me: ask me anything on Twitter

Umakant Jani

Not all who wander are lost

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You can download the source codes of this blog from my GitHub project. You can use the folder as is with Hugo.

Typefaces: The HTML elements of this blog fell in love with Sentinel. Initially I had intentions of using Gotham as secondary typeface for header elements but I realized simplicity is not in plural but in singular. At the end I decided to just go with Sentinel. (Sentinel is a premium font from If you are downloading this site design for your own blog design or any other project you might not be able to get the same typography. Consider using other similar fonts from Google Fonts and make changes to the css file.)

Technologies: This blog has been designed on Hugo & Coder. Hugo is a static site engine written in Go. It makes use of a variety of open source projects including: Cobra, Viper, J Walter Weatherman, Cast. Learn more and contribute on GitHub. Some fun facts about Hugo: Built in Go, Loosely inspired by Jekyll, Primarily developed by spf13 on the train while commuting to and from Manhattan. Coded in Vim using spf13-vim.

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