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11 People I Would Love to Hire For My Team

11 People I Would Love to Hire For My Team

Management, if practiced well, can be the noblest of occupations; no others offer as many way to help people find those opportunities.
— Clayton M. Christensen, Innovators Dilemma

Leadership and Management are two most important part of todays business. And matter of fact both of the elements can be developed well with practice. However, its also important to have a great team to achieve anything in today's business. Because you might win a match alone but to win the championship you would need a team. Here are 10 kinds of people I would love to work with in my team.

  1. Doers: Those more inclined to pick up spreadsheets, code, marketing docs, product designs or even the telephone or hop on a plane to solve a problem vs somebody who tells you all the things wrong with the world.
  2. Triers: People who don’t know if they have the right skills or knowledge but if asked are willing to help in any way possible. They are the people with can-do attitudes.
  3. Lemonade Guys: These are the people who do the work and ready for the result. When they miss the flight and they have to take a car for hundreds of miles instead of complaining they buy a pack of popcorn and a coffee for the ride. These are the people who make perfect lemonade, when life throws lemon at them.
  4. Chancers: These are people who don’t mind failure. They are willing to take a project that might seem hard or put themselves on stage even though they might sound stupid or to make a hard investment decision even if they may be criticized or wrong. They are willing to take a chance. Better to try and fail than to never try at all.
  5. Supporters: Not everybody has the time, inclination or skills to help. But there are always those people who listen and are willing to be helpful as supporting cast members in a journey in any way you ask them to. Everybody needs supporters. These are the ones who knows there is nothing wrong being the 12th player; because when team wins the championship even they get the medal.
  6. Empathizers: I like to work with people who are high on empathy. They are looking to help others and understand when you’re down. They lend an ear at the right time and even sometimes a hug. They understand the journey is hard and they have high enough EQ to know how to help and be available. They are the humans.
  7. Laughers: If you can’t have fun what’s the point. I like working with people who don’t want to separate business and personal. I want to work with more people who understand that there’s no point in hitting goals if you have no fun along the way. I want to be around people with a sense of humour.
  8. Changers: People who change the game. There are the people who take the first leap of faith and make sure to hit the goal, irrespective of who makes it.
  9. Innovators: People who look at the things but see something different. They try to solve the problem for sake of its solution. They invest more time in doing something so that others don’t spend too much time on that problems.
  10. Artificial Intelligence: Don’t listen to Elon Musk. AI is not going to be evil, because they will never have human brain. I would love to see some robots working in my team too. Because sometimes you need someone to do exactly what you'd asked to do.
  11. The 10th Guy: When all above 10 people agree with the plan, I need the 10th guy; who’s sole role is to research and find out why the plan has a flaw. And why would it fail. Being optimistic is good but my team should not fall into the hole because they were looking at the stars.
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