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Save Your City Before It gets UBERed

Save Your City Before It gets UBERed

My Tribe — business travellers, the technophiles, the Internet enthusiasts, the  the conference-speakers — are thrilled about Uber. Whenever I need to take a ride, I touch that icon on my iPhone — the one with the logo of a superhero, and within few minutes appears a car with a well civilised driver. 

Uber — convenience of reaching anywhere. 

Don’t get me wrong. For all the reasons I like Uber, for equally same reasons I love public transport as well (in few cities in India like Bangalore and Delhi). In cities like Bangalore, India, public transport is like blessing. But when you travel to other cities it becomes hard to choose public transport for a scheduled meeting. Therefore, I always switch to that superhero icon on my iPhone, and enjoy every Uber ride.

Uber is not good for our taxi services in Indian cities. But there are few reason why I take my coffee from Starbucks, and ride an Uber. Service.

So why do we like Uber?

  • I do not have to worry about standing under sun and waiting for a taxi; not knowing if at all it will arrive.
  • I am always having track of my car, where it is, and how much time its going to take.
  • Drivers are more civilised, and often more polite than necessary
  • I don’t have to deal or have a fight over my fare unlike city taxies.
  • The drives do not talk or play local music stations unless I ask them to.
  • I do not have to worry about a long route, as pre-shortest-route to the destination is already chosen by the app.
  • Of all, they don’t ask for 20 or 30 extra bucks on my fare. Ever.
  • I don’t have to pullout my wallet, and worry if I do have enough coins for my fare.
  • I am always happy with my Uber ride.
Build your own dreams, or someone else will hire you to build theirs. ― Farrah Gray

I feel sad for local taxi services. But me not using their service was not at all my call; they made me do it. I had enough bad experience with local taxi drives in multiple cities that I will never ever take another ride. Is there something they can do about it? I guess they do. Now they have only one option; get your attitude straight or loose your customers and then job.

1. A well regulated City Taxi Association — Who will be responsible for regulating taxi fares and set a price; every taxi pricing should be transparent and double-checked (testing meters and always encouraging drivers to drive by meter); let entire taxi fleet look-alike.
2. Strict licensing and safety requirements
3. Plan for reaching desired audience
4. Distributed uniformly over the city
5. Service and behavioural trainings
6. Good service. Better service. And best service.

Now is the time for working about the future for taxi drivers or get prepared to loose the job.

Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish. —Steve Jobs

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