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Why Follow Your Passion is So Overrated?

Why Follow Your Passion is So Overrated?



There is a paraphrase exchanged between Alice and Cheshire Cat in Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland:

“If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there.”

I have done nothing significant yet in business world, but I’ve learn something very important from my early career. Follow Your Passion Is So Overrated. I am not demotivating you to stop being passionate. All I am asking is, do not get confused with your likes or love as your passion. You might like aeroplanes but you might not jump over a mountain to invent the flight.

Before you run behind your passion, it is very important that you make sure you’re running behind the right one. If Steve Jobs, founder of Apple Inc. would have followed his passion he might have been found as a monk today in Eastern Himalaya. As we know in early days Steve Jobs was passionate about Eastern Mysticism. Therefore, first find out what is that you’re passionate about. In your search for passion you will realise that you passion change over time.

It took me years to know what my passion is, and what I really want to do! My search for passion got following few things;

  • A Superhero (in early childhood)
  • An Astrophysicist (in school)
  • An Astronaut (in high school)
  • Have a spiritual journey (sometimes later in high school)
  • An Aerospace Engineer (eventually, completed aerospace engineering)
  • An IT Engineer (after college)
  • Finally, an Entreprenuer (right now trying to invent few things on Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence. Do you think it will change again? May be. But last few years I am loving what I am doing and thinking of future of my work.)

Therefore, I suggest; before you decide to follow your passion find out what is that you’re really passionate about. Below few points might help you in your journey into your life, in search for passion;

1. Be Passionate About Everything

You should do everything with your full passion to find out if you really love doing that task.
Learn: “Do what you love or Love what you do. One of it will take you to your destiny.”

2. Know The Difference - Excitement and Passion

“If you spend working on something for hours on Friday night is possibly your passion.” The sensation of excitement about a particular idea is often a different sensation than the type of deep passion that derives people into a fulfilling career. Excitement comes and goes. The true passion arises after you have put in the long hours really become a craftsman in your field and can leverage this value to really have an impact, to gain autonomy and respect, to control your occupational destiny.
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3. Comfort Zone Is The Worst Place To Be

In business world we have a saying; “If you’re the smartest man in the room, you’re in the wrong room.” Do not get habituated with your environment. Come out of your comfort zone you will find hippos trying to kill you; defeat them you will find nothing else but success afterwards.
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