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The Success - 10 Tips for The Road Less Travelled

The Success - 10 Tips for The Road Less Travelled

If you don't sacrifice for what you want, what you want becomes the sacrifice. —Unknown

  • GO TO COLLEGE: College won’t teach you anything that is useful in life. However, it will help you find what you like and what you don’t. It will help you find your passion.
  • DON'T COMPLAIN: if there is a problem try to solve it, if you can’t; find someone who can.
  • STAY POSITIVE: a positive attitude might not solve all the problem. However, it will light your darkness. It will help you get up next morning and inspire you to climb that mountain a feet more. Success is all about either you give up or live to fight another day.
  • COLLABORATE: as I have told this before, entrepreneurship is all about creating something, selling that thing, and managing the money you make. You alone cannot do everything. Find someone who is better at the things you suck at.
  • KEEP TRYING: all the success stories you hear has a bit missed information. They don't tell you the whole story. Like, everyone gets happy and congratulates on your new-born baby, but no one is aware of the times you got fucked up.
  • STAY CRAZY: we all are born with little obsession and craziness, and with time society takes that all away. Always keep a bit of madness inside. Remember, real people can afford to go to Mars, but crazy ones can take you there.
  • USE FAILURES FOR SUCCESS: when you get down, and people threw stones at you don’t build a wall and stay behind. Use that stone to build the road ahead. Remember, failure is not in falling down, but in staying down.
  • TAKE RESPONSIBILITY: one of the greatest lessons I learn in life is, all the success you get because of your team, and all the failure you get is because of your mistakes.
  • STAY LOYAL: the best gift you can reward yourself is the loyalty. It strengthens your character. It makes you more likable and trustworthy. And the best part of being loyal is it is a two-way street; if you stay loyal others will be loyal to you.
  • HAVE FUN: don’t take life seriously, take a Friday night drink.
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