Another Way to Make an Impact

August 3, 2018

by Rubens Brotto

Another Way to Make an Impact

There are many ways of impacting the world around and beyond you. The first thing is that you got to believe you can really make a dent in the world. You then go on finding support. Find people who will offer you creativity, encouragement and trust. You got to play as a team player for only that way you can win as a team.

Change is inevitable and requires purpose. Time and space are relative to one’s perspective. In many ways fire changed human history, electricity sparked new possibilities, transportation draw people closer, and computers revolutionized intellectual tasks, and communications. Technologies again and again are changing the way we live our lives and interpret the universe beyond ourselves.

What would you do without access to fire, today? Yet, it’s been not only used for good but for bad initiatives as well. Fire can warm friends gathered in a cold winter day. Fire can also leave marks that are both deep and unsurpassable. The purpose you developed when you first believed is the drive of a lasting impact not just for the individual but also for the collective.

Electricity helped us to coupe with the unknown. It provided luminosity in a very subtle and distinctive way. It empowered electronics and enabled a new horizon of discoveries. Uncountable innovations and evolutions were made possible. The reason you invest your time and focus in a good idea might be history for the people after you.

Communities are the center of human life. People always lived in groups. Whether it’s in the suburbs or in cities, in the country or in the woods, humans have learned to benefit from the amazing opportunities offered by all the creative and accessible kinds of transportation. Cars, trains, planes, boats, bikes, etc. We are all drawn closer not just by the fact that it is possible but most and foremost, by the fact that we engage to thrive.

Intellectuality is important and so is productivity. Authors think, interview, reflect, engage and than they draw their thoughts and conclusions. Scientists and engineers do research and calculations and publish their finds. There are plenty of resources out their which with people can utilize and so leverage their flourishing. Computers revolutionized the way we approach our achievements. It’s offered a complex though simplistic signature to the always present tasks of everyday endeavors.

For each and everyone of these examples there is at least one person you can think of who really made a name for himself and became part of our history as a collective. Whether we live to benefit from people’s achievements and are happy to tell how they changed our lives or believe and gather the support and resources which will fuel the change, the technologies will continue to evolve and improve the way we do and see things.

One day you will look back and remember that you were younger, had energy, and will to take action. You will recall the stories which contributed to what is history. That day is today. Today is an opportunity. Today is another way to make an impact.

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