Mixed feelings, assertive actions!

June 12, 2018

by Rubens Brotto

Mixed feelings, assertive actions!

It is a time of transition for we all, it’s always been. We all see transitions in different ways, we see time differently as well. The online Oxford Dictionary describes transition as the process or period of changing from one stage or condition to another and also describes change as the ability to make or become different. Wherever you’re and whatever you’re doing, if you’re not in a comfort zone and with a passive posture about everything around you, chances are that you’re experiencing some sort of change. As you read this article you’re either going through a challenging time or thinking of turning around your own path. What is it?

What are the actions you can take? How can you come out of the thinking phase and actually act upon it? How can you join the self-called “world changers” out there and develop an idea to change? We always have had people who wanted to change, and some in fact did have influence in making the best of their opportunities. Most people though found themselves trapped on their own fears and no results were ever seen. Others gave up, rebelling themselves against all, against the so called system, and perhaps it even made the changing process more difficult or more needed. Does any of this sound familiar?

The world as you know hasn’t been always the same, it has been evolving or devolving, it depends on your perspective, depends on your understanding of fairness and justice. If you see it evolving you maybe tended to join all the innovation efforts and jump in to the change. Conversely, if you see it devolving you might be thinking of new solutions or even taking actions towards the change you believe is needed. You see? The beauty is that there is room for we all as it always has been. My question though is: how do you leave your mark on something bigger than you? Not any mark but a mark worth of remembering. Will your friends, family, descendants, neighbors, coworkers, and peers be filled with joy when remembering you, talking about you, sharing your story? I bet that’s something you care about, deep inside we all do, don’t you think?

It’s hard to walk the talk!

You might have the best job in the world, the best and most helpful spouse, the most bright child, you might have an amazing community and own so many great stuff, or you just don’t. But you go ahead and look around. What do you see? Can you see brokenness in other people? Have you notice the interdependence between yourselves? Those people might be related to you in different ways. They might be your vendors, people who produce and distribute to you all you need in order to thrive. Those people might be your customers, people who buy what you produce and offer allowing you to grow and develop. Broken people are everywhere. They are driving the bus, the cab, the train. They are conducting the plane, the elevator, the multi-billion dollar company. It doesn’t depend on the upbringing or religion or city you came from. It really depends on the relationships and partnerships you surrounded yourself with. Partnerships you chose to build whether professional or personal, if these areas are actually distinct to you. It’s always a two-way route. Your actions towards the world and the people matter as much as the other way around. Will you look for people who might need a lift?

Being aware of other people might be very challenging. One example I have is about walking in public spaces. As I write this article, I live in NYC and one thing I found uncomfortable in the city is bumping into people who are walking on their left-hand side on the sidewalk. They walk over you as if that’s their right to be walking whatever side they want. As far as I know, walking rules follow the same methodology as driving rules with regards to which side you should be moving. This is for standard safety and organization purpose. Well, most people don’t care and they just keep their walking habits moving with the flow. You might not be challenged by this sort of awareness but you certainly got my point. Please, when in NYC, walk on your right-hand side. Are you culturally aware?

Whether you’re changing or broken or both you have to be aware about all these things and act for good. But who am I to tell you this? Perhaps, I am just somebody who decided to write this thought and spark some conversations which might be leading to actions. Either way it might keep me going on writing. A habit, I think, I should’ve leveraged a long time ago.

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